Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Divorce Save Cristina and Owen?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Divorce Save Cristina and Owen?

The turbulent relationship of Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy is taking another downswing -- and it is happening slow and regrettably, painful!

On last week's episode, we learned that Owen is facing a deep rabbit hole. The lawsuit following the plane crash has managed to bite him in the ass as Chief of SGMW. To make things more afflicted, his role as Chief and a husband to one of the plaintiffs which is Cristina, is serving as a huge conflict of interest legally. The board members are obviously just backing him up at the moment since he's still legally married to Yang, a factor which can dismiss the whole case against their hospital.

Owen, in his efforts to be heroic, must divorce his wife for the plaintiffs to get the unpaid financial settlement they legally deserve. And so that's what he did, youch Cristina.

Now that the Yang-Hunt marriage is on the process of coming to an end, what happens next for the love-addled couple? THR had an exclusive chat with the on-screen Cristina and Owen where they teased the future of our rooted Grey's lovers.

Sandra Oh reveals that their relationship will come to a "crescendo" around Christmas time.

"I like to think of it as an exciting beginning,"

adds the actress when Cristina reveals how she's coping with Owen's request for divorce.

Furthermore, Kevin Mckidd also weighed-in with the statement ---

"They realize that maybe being divorced is an opportunity as opposed to an ending. It almost feels like the notion that they get to re-look at their relationship with a very fresh outlook but divorce is a very final ting and it brings up a lot of emotions in people and it's tough for them to go there because they're kind of soul mates. It's a very mixed and very fraught period in their life."

Can we still hope for a happy ending between Cristina and Owen? Share your thoughts in the comments.