Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Bailey Say “I Do” in Season 9? PLUS! McSteamy Exit Details

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August 16, 2012

Chandra Wilson spoiled a major happening around her character on Grey’s Anatomy as Miranda Bailey. As far as the series is concern, this monumental event doesn’t involve trauma and emergency surgery. Instead, the Seattle Grace doc known as the infamous Nazi was teased to be ringing wedding bells when the series returns this fall.

..the actress will also be going for the bonus round as Bailey prepares to marry Ben (Jason George). But Wilson, who’ll direct the new season’s sixth episode, reminds fans that “when Callie got married, Bailey told her, ‘I’ve already done the wedding dress and the church and it didn’t work out.’ I have a feeling [her wedding] won’t be all that traditional.”

Meanwhile, on the contrary, Wilson also gave details about the departure of Eric Dane’s character, Mark Sloan. The talented actor which put the ‘steam’ in Mc Steamy has been recently confirmed by shorwunner, Shonda Rhimes that he has decided to leave the medical series after 6 seasons.

And while I won’t spoil how Eric Dane’s Mark Sloane exits the series, Wilson says, “They’ve come up with a really creative send-off for Mark, especially for the die-hard Grey’s fans. Eric gets the chance to do some really beautiful stuff in the first two episodes.”

Source: TV Guide