Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Bailey Get Fired? Is Everyone Safe After The Storm? Chandra Wilson Weighs-In!

greys_anatomyIn an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Chandra Wilson who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy exposes what's next for her character as she faces an investigation from the CDC. In retrospect, one of Bailey's post-op patients died under her watch after suffering from a severe infection.

When the hit medical soap returns, how are things going to play out for Bailey? Will her co-surgeons back her up? And what can we all expect in the upcoming 'superstorm' in the finale?

Get the answers from the onscreen-Bailey herself, go check out the Q & A below!

How will the CDC investigation impact Bailey? Knowing Bailey, we can't imagine she'd take it sitting down.

She has sat down, that's the problem. The CDC has to come in and do their due diligence and get to the source of where the infection is coming form. From Bailey's point of view, that doesn't have anything to do with her. Why she would even be considered as a possibility to why something has gone wrong -- she has no understanding of that whatsoever. That affects the relationships she has with the rest of her colleagues. In her opinion, they're busy being board members as opposed to being her champion.

Speaking of board members, Jackson (Jesse Williams) warns the staff to keep their distance, how will Bailey handle being shut out?
She's not going to handle that at all; that's being incredibly disloyal. Their priorities are all in the wrong place. If this had happened to any of her other colleagues, she probably would have told them, "Sit down for a minute, let the investigation run its course and then get back to work and call it a day." But she can't take her own advice. The whole thing is very personal to her, she's one of a few of her colleagues that doesn't have a financial stake in the hospital. She has no job security and this really rattles her; the fact that she has to sit back and allow something to potentially affect her career.

Which of the board members will support her in this? Who besides Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is on her side?

They all support her and are on her side but unfortunately they have to do their job first: they have to carry their title first. She can't see where their support is because they have to put on the suit and be board members for Grey Sloan Memorial.

As a result of this, could we see Bailey wind up with some sort of financial stake in the hospital?

She thinks she has a certain amount of footing with the fact that she has the genome lab. That's really important and there's great work that's being done there and it's value added to the hospital. The bottom line is it's not the same thing as being an owner. That really does become clear to her and that loyalties are split because of this.

Bailey has typically ruled the roost at the hospital. How will this investigation affect her self-confidence?
She thought she ruled the roost (laughs). Bailey has an incredible ego, which is one of the things I like about her. This investigation has more of an affect on her ego than anything else. She's certainly grieved by the fact that her patients are the ones that have died. She always has a personal investment in her patients, especially because of her perfection as surgeon. If something goes wrong in surgery, it's not because of something that she has done; it's what ever the circumstances are. It's her ego that is going to take the biggest hit in this whole situation.

Ben (Jason George) is returning next week, how will he help support Bailey with the investigation and will BCB return?
He'll try. She is Ms. Independent and it's very difficult for her to call on anybody in order to be of help to her or even for her to admit that she needs help through a situation. Unfortunately, it becomes and uphill battle for him to even be her husband because it's beyond the realm of possibly that she could have done anything wrong and she can't understand why no one else is thinking that same way.

The season finale will feature a superstorm. Will the storm force Bailey's reinstatement?

The bottom line is everybody has to rally in order to still be the hospital and all the personal drama is there and that needs to be worked out in the midst of that. Therein lies the drama part that we get to add to the season finale. (Laughs.)

Whose life will the superstorm most impact? We've heard there are major changes for everyone.
As far as Bailey is concerned, it's really is about being able to separate the personal from professional so that she can continue to be a good doctor and function in this environment that she's in. That's going to be incredibly hard for her. Everybody has their own story; we're not dependent on anyone else's story so we have a lot of independent stories going on right now on the show that have some surprising endings in the finale. There are some things that are just going to be out of the blue.

How would you compare this season's finale to last year's gut-wrenching plane crash episode?

It certainly has the same intensity as far as the forward movement. Our finales are always about what's going to happen next and we do continue that. But no engines are falling off of anything (laughs). We don't have that happening! All our characters individually are going through a big journey. The forward momentum of our season finales will continue to be there.

Will everyone survive? Will anyone die?

It depends on what you mean survive! (Laughing.) There may be some spiritual death and things like that! But as far as I know we're all still standing right now.

Obviously Bailey is still around for the finale, what's the likelihood we'll see her get fired? Sounds like she's still working when the superstorm arrives.

I know that she doesn't feel like her career is safe so it's about how much self-sabotage is Bailey going to get herself into not only in the season finale but what ever happens going forward in season 10 just because she holds grudges. It wouldn't be so much to see the CDC investigation but how she handles everything going forward that might jeopardize her career.

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