Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Will Alex Find Love in Season 9?

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August 22, 2012

Good news fans of Dr. Karev in Grey’s Anatomy!

Alex Karev, the doctor of Seattle Grace who was known to be a little at war in the department of love and romance, was teased by TV Guide that this fall we will finally see him find true love. Well, atleast not for the first time. After the disastrous and cancer-esque relationship he had with Ava and Izzie, it will be a definite thrill to see Alex bearing his passionate mode on once again. However, please Shonda make it last and make it the right one this time!

when Season 9 premieres, he’ll still be “a dog sleeping around,” says creator Shonda Rhimes. But not for long.

“This is the season I want to see Alex find true love — his person to land with,” adds Rhimes. It’s also possible Rhimes will delve into the character’s dark childhood and finally introduce his abusive, drug-addict father.

Source: TV Guide