Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Why is Derek in Denial? Meet Owen's Frenemy And, Calzona Scoop!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Why is Derek in Denial? Meet Owen's Frenemy And, Calzona Scoop!

Heads up Grey's Anatomy followers! TV Line scooped us a generous amount of spoilers that can tickle our Grey's appetite even more for the ninth season comeback. During Ausiello's tour on the set of the Shonda Rhimes temple, he conversed with the lead casts of the show -- Patrick Dempsey, Sara Ramirez, Kevin Mckidd and Ellen Pompeo.

The stars talked about their characters' fresh storylines for season 9 that besets their personal and professional relationships.


To begin with, we learned that Patrick Dempsey's character, Derek, will be facing a denial stage due to his hand injury caused by the airplane tragedy.

  • "The first couple of episodes, he's trying to perform surgery, and it's not working, so he has to make an adjustment. I'm anxious to see where we end up going with it." -- a statement from Patrick Dempsey relating about his character's predicament at the beginning of the series. Meanwhile, Sara Ramirez (plays Callie Torres) also sent her remarks about how Callie's amazing dexterity as an ortho-surgeon will play a specific role in the process of recovering the injured hand of Derek. "I think that she absolutely puts pressure on herself [to repair Derek's hand]. That's kind of who she is. I think that she probably has some fear around what all the possibilities are. And how involved to get. And that ultimately comes back to her own belief in herself, or lack thereof.”, she explains.


Owen Hunt will hold his title as Chief of Surgery when season 9 picks up. But then by doing so, we learned that his title as boss will put him under a hostile dispute with a new intern. Which 'new intern' you ask, well.. As earlier spoiled, Camilla Luddington (True Blood alum) was reported to join the team of Seattle Grace people. Thanks Ausiello, he managed to chat about this intriguing clash between Owen and the new intern from Kevin Mckidd himself.

  • "She's very strong-willed — she reminds me of Izzie in a way. "She has very strong views. And Owen, being the chief, has to rub up against her and sort of get into ethical battles with her, so it's interesting to see that."


Shonda Rhimes continues to be aloof about what might happened around Callie and Arizona's partnership after the season 8 tragedy. So under strict instructions, Sara Ramirez conforms with the EP and instead opted to comfort us (fans) by discussing the impact of team 'Calzona' has had to the viewers.

  • "Jessica [Capshaw] and I talk about this a lot, and we're both really grateful that people are invested, I know I am. And we hope that they will continue on this journey with us, because it's definitely going to be an intense one.", the actress shared.


We learned earlier that the twisted sisters, Meredith and Christina of Seattle Grace will be given a special episode which will solely focus on their characters. Ellen Pompeo was happy to share the dish about this absolutely exciting project!

  • "Usually, we do one episode a year where it's all Meredith," notes Pompeo, telling that she and Christina will be set on two different locations on the said episode, with Mer on Seattle Grace while Christina stays on Mayo Clinic. "And this season, they decided to do Meredith and Cristina to break it up a little bit and just focus on two people. They're individual storylines, but in our own storylines, it's sort of ALL us." the actress further explained.

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, September 27 on ABC. Hit the comments and send us your exciting shoutouts!


Source: TV Line