Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Which of the New Interns Have A Shot on Being Series Regulars?

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January 10, 2013

Are you fond of the new interns walking the halls of SGMW Hospital? Do you wish for them to stick around for the next seasons to come? Well, looks like your wish is about to come true!

In an exclusive by TV Line, series boss’ Shonda Rhimes granted SOME of the actors who portray as interns a shot of being regulars. Find out if you’re favorite made it on the list, here are the nits and grits:

Shonda Rhimes, has added a series regular option to the contracts of recurring players Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie), Gaius Charles (Shane) and Tessa Ferrer (Leah). Fellow newbie Camilla Luddington (Jo) already had such a clause in her deal, while the fate of Tina Majorino (Heather) is complicated by her role in the TNT pilot Legends. If that series fails to snag a series order, Majorino likely will return to Grey’s.

Moreover, TV Line weighed-in on this matter —

While the legal move doesn’t ensure the actors will be series regulars in Season 10, it does suggest that Rhimes is seriously considering such a possibility.

Which intern do you want to stay until season 10?