Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: When Will Mer Finally Deal with Lexie’s Death? What’s Next for Callie & More!

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October 3, 2012

On the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy season 9, we saw how the interns bitched about  the new Meredith, ‘Medusa’.  Callie shocked us when she had amputated her wife’s leg. Obviously, these major revelations aren’t over yet. Creator Shonda Rhimes have a lot of explaining to do on the next episodes. However, as we wait for the Emmy-winning series to air on Thursday, TV Line was happy to share a bunch of post season 9 premiere that may shed light to your burning questions.

Meredith finally deals with Lexie’s death.

  • The you-know-what will hit the fan in the upcoming Mer/Cristina-centric hour, “Beautiful Doom,” which is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 1.

The darkness that surrounds ‘Calzona’.

  • Callie’s life and her child’s life are affected, greatly.
  • We see Callie having to grapple with the constant reminder of what’s happened, not being able to get away from it.

Happy hour to come in Oct. 25th episode from director Kevin Mckidd.

  • Episode 4 is very comedic.
  • Tonally it’s so different from the first three episodes of the season.

Source: TV Line