Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: What's Next For Jackson "The Boss" Avery?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: What's Next For Jackson "The Boss" Avery?

494611-jesse_williamsThe short break that Grey's Anatomy fans have to endure will be very much worth it. The medical drama is not airing season 9 episode 17 titled "Transplant Wasteland" until March 14. However, channeling Shonda Rhimes' perspective, I think that it's wise to put-off something this big of a game-changer into a small-sized cliffhanger.

Last time, I was personally dumbfounded to learn that the new boss in Seattle Grace is going to be Jackson Avery. Not Hunt, not Derek, not Richard --- JACKSON AVERY! ( Not sure if it's just me but somehow I imagined intern Stephanie basking on the arbitrary promotion with a pair of pompoms and shaking on it. If you slightly did too, high-five!)

So then yes, it totally happened! Jackson will be the man to mandate orders left and right among his new underlings. I wonder how will this new transition affect Bailey and Yang, I bet it'll be hilarious! Anyway kidding aside, I'm happy to share some spoilers about this new trajectory for Jackson inside Seattle Grace. Check out what his portrayer, Jesse Williams revealed:

“He wants to be taken seriously and to make his own name for himself, but he’s also getting handed a responsibility that is a [direct] result of his legacy and his family, which is what he set out from the very beginning [to avoid]. So that creates some inner turmoil for him, and maybe a little bit of guilt. But he’s going to have to make it work or get run over. And I think we’re going to see that struggle over the course of the next few episodes.”

Additionally, Williams also teased something about Jackson's old flame with Kepner. Are they getting back together?

“Something is going to have to get figured out with April and Jackson. I don’t know about a resolution, but [those] two ships are going to try to meet at some point by the end of the season.”

Are you happy that Jackson is the new boss?

Source: TV Line