Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: What’s Next for Callie and ‘Adulterous’ Arizona?

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May 22, 2013


Find out the latest scoop on Callie and Arizona’s biggest argument on Grey’s Anatomy this season.

In a horribly cheap taste, Arizona slept with another woman (guest star Hilary Burton) during a superstorm! What could this mean for our once beloved couple? Here’s what showrunner, S. Rhimes tells us:

“Now Callie isn’t a victim, she’s never really been a victim and she’s been cheated on before with George,” she says. “So how she’s going to take this and what she’s going to do next is going to be the bigger issue. How Arizona is going to figure out what [her infidelity] means is going to be interesting.”

Do you think it’s over for Calzona? Weigh-in below!

Source: TV Guide

  • turretgunner

    What her infidelity means? Is she really supposed to be that stupid? If she has any doubt about the consequences, hopefully Callie will clear up that uncertainty quickly by telling her she has 24 hours to pack her stuff and get the hell out of their apartment. And maybe they can eventually work out something as far as her ever seeing their daughter again, but not right away. Besides, given that Arizona was so angry at Callie for choosing to save her life over her leg, she apparently doesn’t think it’s all that important she is around to see their daughter grow up if she has to do it wearing a prosthetic limb.
    Arizona losing her leg is about to take a back seat to what she is about to lose and this time, she only has herself to blame.