Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: What To Expect on the Season 9 "Magical" Finale

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: What To Expect on the Season 9 "Magical" Finale

danbucatinsky-1813495445592477287It's that time of the year again, the season ender of Grey's Anatomy is nigh. As first reported, showrunner S. Rhimes has tweeted a series of mind-boggling statements regarding the awaited ninth season finale.

So far, we can confirm that the finale will be titled "Do You Believe in Magic", an episode directed by Kevin Mckidd (Grey's) and authored by Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal). This information was first leaked via Twitter  and as of 04/03/2013 we were glad to get some follow-up spoilers from TV Line. Michael Ausiello has spoken to Grey's EP Dan Bucatinsky to give us an early preview.

I can strongly feel that something really unexpected is about to hit us again. I know you're feeling the angst by this time. To save yourself from all that, I suggest that you just take your time and breathe.

Here are the things to expect on the magical finale:

I know the cast received a very subtle warning not to share the contents of the script with anyone. I also know that it will be big — literally and figuratively.

“The last two episodes of the season work together as a giant two-week finale,” reveals consulting producer (and Scandal co-star) Dan Bucatinsky, who penned the episode leading into the two-part closer. Titled “Do You Believe in Magic,” the hour — Season 9?s 22nd (of 24) — is “an exploration of magic,” Bucatinsky explains. “The magic of medicine, and also the magic of romance and the ways in which the revelation of a secret can play both as a blessing or a curse.” (Secret?! This secret?!) On the Mer-Der front, the abracadabra-themed ep will explore their “tantalizing and terrifying” emotions as they await the birth of their child. “They’re looking at both the magic of creating a family and the scariness of not knowing.”

What do you think is going to happen with Meredith and Derek's first born?