Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Watch-out For The New Seattle Grace Nazi!

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August 30, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is airing back on September 27 and if you have been under the Grey’s radar the past few weeks, I’m sure you will not be surprised to see a bunch of new faces coming in the medical series. However, as we move closer to the season 9 premiere, another thought-provoking news was revealed about a new Nazi checking in on Seattle Grace. I’m thinking, another Bailey who’s downright scary but amazing? Or could this doctor be simply scary? TV Guide enlightened us with the new Nazi regime that’s about to terrorize Grey’s Anatomy, here’s the dish!

Get ready to meet the new Nazi: Meredith! “She’s definitely angry at the beginning of the season,” Ellen Pompeo tells us. “She’s angry about all the stuff that happened, so she’s teaching her interns and she’s really mean to them. It’s an homage to the first Dr. Grey, Meredith’s mother, who is the first bitch surgeon, so I get to channel Kate Burton and be mean.”

Source: TV Guide