Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The Baby Interns Tease Two Exciting Episodes!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The Baby Interns Tease Two Exciting Episodes!

Before, they were Cristina, Meredith, Izzie, Alex and Georgey. Now, nine years had passed and we're looking at a whole new bunch of baby interns ready to derail themselves at the bottom of the surgical food chain. (Atleast that's what Dr. Bailey told us)

What do these new interns got anyway? Besides from hating Meredith and stalking Dr. Bailey's sex life? Well. TV Guide got a chance to sit down with the new interns -- Shane, Jo, Heather, Stephanie and Leah. Find out what they dished about the Dec. 6th episode of Grey's Anatomy as they narrate the series of events from their own point of view. Then on Dec. 13th, on Dr. Bailey's wedding --

"We see the interns pairing up with the doctors [and] romantic stuff happens,"

-- Gaius Charles teased as three of them (Shane, Jo and Stephanie) will attend the special occasion.

Here's what we've gathered from the publication, enjoy the spoilers!

  • Heather will be put on Meredith's service but it will not be smooth-sailing.

"Meredith asks Heather to do some research on a procedure to help Derek's hand. It blows up, and Derek ends up screaming at Meredith and Heather."

  • Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) will be bullied by Dr. Yang? TV Guide said she will be dubbed as "Grumpy" by the badass surgeon. Plus, on the wedding we'll see her stutter due to the presence of one of these hot doctors: Alex, Derek and Jackson. Hit up the comments for your predictions.  As for Hinton's teasing statement, she says-

"It's definitely charged."

  • Shane (Gaius Charles) is teaming up with Kepner! The case was teased to be about extracting a growth from a woman's private parts -- where I can only imagine is going to be hilarious! Shane will then be lectured by the basket case doctor due to his questionable bedside manner.

"It's gross and humiliating, but some good comes out of it. Shane and April form a friendship."

  • Jo (Camilla Luddington, 28) will be under Alex (not literally, folks.) And things may start off on the wrong foot, but the day's end is quite surprising.

She's put on Alex's team "and cannot stand him. Alex gets under her skin as no one else has done and calls her 'Princess.'"

  • Leah (Tessa Ferrer, 26) will also be supervised by Dr. Yang. Uh-oh, sounds like quite a party.. doesn't it? TV Guide dished that she and Steph will be assigned to monitor a set of babies. But Ferrer seems apparent that it's not all rainbows and candies for her character.

"It gets out of control and puts our jobs in jeopardy.

  • And her recent hook-up with Alex? Well, like most of Karev's women, they all go nuts. What's new? Ferrer adds,

"She's ­really pining after him."

Who's your favorite intern so far? Don't miss Grey's Anatomy season 9, airing every Thursday on ABC.