Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Season 10 is the “Season of Yang”

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September 25, 2013


Ellen Pompeo addressed the impending exit of her co-star, Sandra Oh on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy on The View last Monday.

The actress who potrays Meredith Grey declared a bold statement and said that the upcoming tenth season is the “season of Yang”. Here’s more from Pompeo:

“As sad as it is that [Sandra Oh] is leaving — and I know the fans are really upset — to know Sandra Oh, this is going to her best acting season ever,” Pompeo told the ladies. “She’s going to go out with a bang. That’s a very positive spin on it, but she’s going to want to really, really bring it — as she does every year.”

Source: TV Line

Source: TV Line

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns Thursday, Sept. 26 on ABC.