Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Sara Ramirez Previews Calzona -- "She's just in survival mode.."

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Sara Ramirez Previews <em>Calzona</em> -- "She's just in survival mode.."

Callie and Arizona is in for a long, tough journey this season on Grey's Anatomy. Last time, we were comforted when we saw Arizona asked Callie to stay while she watched TV. After several weeks of getting the cold shoulder, Callie must be so relieved that her wife is making a few steps to re-connect with her again.

In an interview with, the portrayer of Callie on the medical series, Sara Ramirez previewed the fate of Calzona from last week's little progress on their relationship. Can we expect lighter and not-so-painful episodes for Calzona on the coming weeks? Here's a couple of statements from the actress --

“Basically she’s just in survival mode in her personal life and in her professional life she has busied herself with Derek Shepherd’s hand/wrist, helping with all that nerve damage that he experienced from the plane crash. She’s keeping busy and trying to make herself useful at the hospital.“

“What I kind of love is that a couple seasons ago, Arizona was there for Callie when Callie was going through [a lot] — you know, she almost died and lost her baby. So what’s really great this season was seeing how, in a sense, the roles have been reversed and Arizona is now going through something medical and that is very, very scary and upsetting and Callie is now having to be strong and be the rock and very forgiving. So we’ll see how that plays out.”

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