Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: More Meltdowns and Freak-Outs From April Kepner!

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October 1, 2012

Sarah Drews shared with EW her character’s (April Kepner) new beginning in Grey’s Anatomy season 9. Now back from the great company of the pigs on her farmhouse, what can we look forward into Kepner’s second chance in S. Grace?

Sarah Drew promises “a lot of fun stuff” between the two in the next episodes now that April is headed back to Seattle Grace. (Really, April; was the decision between hot surgeons and pigs really that difficult?) “I think the audience will find it fun and charming and raw and real,” she says. “She’s going to still have her freak-outs and meltdowns because that is who she is, but she also is the type who picks herself up and carries on and tries again.” She’s even going to hop aboard the Jesus train again, but from that stems even more problems for the pair. “She’s going to embrace her religion in a way that she hasn’t before and that is going to be hard and confusing for Jackson who does not share the same system of belief,” she previews.

Source: EW