Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Life After Residency

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Life After Residency

Our favorite residents of Seattle Grace-Mercy West are looking to the future and playing the field!

Michael Ausiello from TV Line recently got some scoop on what the future holds for tv's hardest working residents:

"I hear a late April episode will follow Alex, Meredith, Jackson, April and Cristina as they interview for fellowship positions at other hospitals around the country. Said hospitals are apparently wooing the quintet in anticipation of them passing their boards — and they’re wisely entertaining all of their options."

So does this mean we could lose a physician or two? Well, according to Ausiello that's definitely a possibility:

"Shonda Rhimes hinted to me last month that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of possible cast departures"

It's anyone's guess what Shonda has in store for us, but whatever it is I don't doubt it will leave us wanting more!