Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin Mckidd Interview -- Owen's Next Big Move and His Future w/ Cristina

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin Mckidd Interview -- Owen's Next Big Move and His Future w/ Cristina

The underwhelming and cold distance of Grey's Anatomy couple, Owen and Cristina has become a huge concern for the fans of the medical series. During the season 9 premiere, it was evident that Hunt and Yang were facing a turmoil, Cristina has never been so angry in her life while Hunt still carries the emotional baggage of Cristina's abortion. Without a doubt, the couple who are now miles apart, are walking on thin ice when it comes to their marriage.

Will they still get back together? Creator Shonda Rhimes weighed-in on this matter affirming fans that the couple will indeed, reconcile -- but just not in a smooth sailing fashion. However, Kevin Mckidd, the portrayer of Dr. Hunt shared his thoughts on this matter saying, "I think they really are destined to be together."

In a recent interview w/ TV Guide we gathered what you need to know about the future of Cristina and Owen, some of Owen's future undertakings plus the repercussions of the plane crash which are due to affect the remaining survivors.

What can you tell us about Cristina and Owen's journey this year?

It's hard to see just how they're going to fix things. They're pretty damaged and there have been wrongs done on both

But is there hope for them?

I think there's hope. I think it's going to be Owen striving to win her back, but it's going to take a while.

With all the death and damage from the plane crash, Owen seems to be handling being in charge well.

The good thing about Owen this year is he's rising to the occasion. Even though this is maybe the toughest year at Seattle Grace with all this loss going on, he's doing a good job.

In the episode that I'm directing, through speaking to Callie [Sara Ramirez] and going through his own process, that he needs to simplify his life. Things are so complex here. So, he decides that he's moving out of the firehouse and he's going to ask Derek [Patrick Dempsey] if he can stay in the woods in the trailer.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will be going through PTSD, surely. Will Owen be there to help her?

I think he hopes that Arizona can get back to a place where she can be back running the department again.

What does his relationship with Derek look like this season with Cristina gone and Mark (Eric Dane) dead?

There's a lot of honesty between him and Derek. We clear the decks.

Will Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) be there at all to help him with the Cristina stuff?

I think there's a tacit agreement now. Owen and Cristina are made for each other, and I think Meredith's more on that side now.

Will Owen try to find someone new while Cristina is away, or does he feel too much guilt after cheating on her?

I think he's manning up to what happened. He's holding out for Christina. Whether that will be reciprocated, he doesn't know. But until he's explored every avenue to see if it's healable and fixable, then he's going to hold out for her because she's the love of his life.

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