Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Dished Season 9 Details — The Flashbacks and His Relationship with Christina

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September 17, 2012

EW was able to chat with actor Kevin Mckidd who portrays the role of Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy. The Q&A alluded bits and pieces of significant events that may have a huge impact on his character as Chief of surgery and as a husband to Christina. Working alongside Sandra Oh as his onscreen wifey, EW did not whiffle in asking about the possible setbacks that Yang and Hunt may face after the season 8 highlights (the cheating and the crash) Meanwhile, as one of the directors of the ninth season of the show, Mckidd also noted some specifics about the flashbacks that shall occur within the early run of Grey’s Anatomy season 9.

Is the cheating issue from last season still hanging over Owen and Cristina this season?

  • I think we’ve kind of blown past that in a way because the cataclysmic events of what happened, especially everything with Cristina. It’s going to come back and affect Owen as well — even though he wasn’t on the plane. In retrospect, it’s going to come back and really affect him in a big way too and in a way that we don’t expect.

We know that not all of the doctors are going to be working at Seattle Grace in the first episode (which is a flashforward). Obviously you can’t say who, but is it safe to assume that Owen and Christina are still in the same place working on these issues together?

  • That is not safe to assume…[truncated]

Let’s talk about the flashbacks.

  • I can’t really say too much because that would be giving stuff away. Flashbacks are featured heavily in episode two and may appear in other ones.

Did any of the characters reactions to the crash surprise you?

  • …the writers have kind of turned everything on its head and under duress and under stress people do act in a way out of character…

Source: EW