Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Is Stephanie gone for good?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Is Stephanie gone for good?

Grey's Anatomy lost another major cast member on Thursday's episode. Actress Jerikka Hinton, who plays Dr. Stephanie Edwards, exited the medical drama to focus on her new project on HBO. 

Does this mean we'll never see Stephanie again at Grey Sloan Memorial?

Hinton addressed this burning question following Thursday's episode, saying that it's still a possibility but it will take time given the nature of her injuries. 


Read her full comment below:

I genuinely don’t know the answer to that question. I will say, though, that because of the nature of her injuries and because of what she says she wants to experience in her next chapter of life, if we do see her come back through those doors, it will be a long time.

I think that she needs to heal. She needs to heal in a variety of ways before that place becomes a viable option again.

Creator Shonda Rhimes, meanwhile, has released a statement addressing Hinton's exit on the series. Rhimes said:

Actors evolve differently and when an actor like Jerrika comes to me and says she wants to try something new creatively, I like to honor that.


Jerrika has shared so much of herself with Stephanie and I am incredibly proud of the journey we’ve taken together. While I’m sad to see Stephanie leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, I am excited to see what’s next for Jerrika.

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