Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: How Would Callie, Derek and Co. Treat Jackson Now He's Boss? Plus, Who's Getting Kicked-out From SGMW?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: How Would Callie, Derek and Co. Treat Jackson Now He's Boss? Plus, Who's Getting Kicked-out From SGMW?

JESSE WILLIAMS, SARA RAMIREZ, JESSICA CAPSHAWSo, will it be "Hey Dr. Avery, I hear congratulations are in order" next week on Grey's Anatomy? Not really! TV Guide was on the set of the medical series where they talked to the cast about the new major change happening around SGMW.

Before the show went into a short hiatus, the doctors were jarred about the news that Jackson Avery will be their new boss after they buy the hospital. The promotion, albeit arbitrary sends a monumental turning point for the hardworking surgeons. For starters, they think that Jackson being the boss is a mere product of nepotism. His mother appointed him to represent their philanthropic motivation through the means and resources of the Harper Avery Foundation.

When the hit ABC drama returns Thursday, March 14 -- how will the buyers Derek, Callie, Cristina, Meredith and Arizona face their new boss? Or will they even see him as The Boss?

I've amassed the spoilers shared by the cast, carry on Grey's followers!

Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) weighed-in on his character's new development:

"Some of it is, 'Mom, how dare you spring this on me in front of everybody without consulting me at all?' But it's also a really daunting task. It's a lot of responsibility. That's the only thing that keeps him from being totally furious about it; it's somebody believing he can do it."

"Not everyone is going to welcome that with applause. He's going to try to put his best foot forward and earn their respect, instead of feeling entitled to it. Over time, Jackson quickly feels like it's getting out from under him. It's too much and it's happening very fast. There's a lot more to lose than there is to gain."

Patrick Dempsey on Jackson's lack of experience

"They question his ability to manage the situation because of his lack of maturity and the position he is in because of his mother. There's a lot of resentment towards him in that position because of it."

The report said that one of Jackson's initial acts is to keep the ER closed. Sara Ramirez, who portrays Callie, reveals that her character feels skeptical about it.

"She doesn't really take him seriously and thinks his mother is behind the whole thing. He's basically a mouthpiece for his mother. It takes her a while to see past all of the initial frustration and distrust to actually see that something good might actually come out of him being a leader."

ANOTHER BIG SPOILER: Who's getting kicked-out?

Sad news Cristina fans! Apparently, the esteemed Harper Avery Foundation wants Jackson to oust Owen Hunt from the hospital. However, Hunt's co-doctors are not going to let this happen. More from the cast below, keep reading!

"Owen has really risen to the challenge of being the Chief. He's done a great job, so they'll go to bat for him" -- Jessica Capshaw

"Jackson will be really conflicted. Jackson definitely has loyalty to Owen. Owen's always been great to him and has always treated him with respect and high hopes, so that's something where it wakes Jackson up."

"For the moment, he's just trying to stay above water, so he toes the party line, but then he realizes he needs to draw a line and stand for something and get Owen back. That's the first marker of Jackson's leadership and loyalty and demonstrating that if you're going to captain the ship, you have to captain the whole ship." -- Jesse Williams

Do you think Jackson can live up to his new title?