Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: How Will Meredith Deal With Lexie’s Death?

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September 5, 2012

We reported earlier that Meredith will be the new Nazi of Seattle Grace Hospital and that goes without saying that this is obviously her way of dealing with the whole cliffhanger that happened in season 8 — the traumatic plane crash and Lexie’s death. TV Line shed more information about Meredith’s attitude towards her sister’s death in season 9.

If she will act as the next Hitler, how long could she play the part? With all the anger in her life at the moment, who do we think will absorb all the tension? Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes tells us all about it.

She deals with it by throwing herself into her work — and taking a hard line with the fresh crop of interns. “I don’t know if she’s angrier or meaner, but she’s a lot more no-nonsense,” explains exec producer Shonda Rhimes. “She doesn’t have a lot of patience for less than perfect. She’s very good at what she does, and after her experience in the woods, takes saving lives very, very seriously.” Mer won’t be in denial forever though. Rhimes tells me that there’s a “lovely episode” coming up where Mer is forced to deal with the loss. “We sort of build to the idea where Meredith, who tends to clamp down because that’s her way, finally has a moment when she really mourns.”

Source: TV Line

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