Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: How Will Meredith and Derek Compensate After the Crash in Season 8?

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September 26, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy has always been resilient from every tragedy they face in every season. Traumatic in so many directions, it’s on the characters way of dealing with the sentimental yet heartbreaking events in their lives that draw us closer to the medical series.

In season 9, the doctors are going to move forward once again under the huge umbrella of horror after the season 8 ill-fated cliffhanger. But how can they cope with something so tragic like that, exactly? To give us the dish, Ausiello from TV line visited the Grey’s set recently. On this spoiler news, he shared the tidbits of his conversation with actress Ellen Pompeo, aka Meredith Grey.

For the most part, they’ll be shielded from all the sturm und drang unfolding around them at Seattle Grace when the season picks up this Thursday. “There are heavier storylines in other places so [the writers] have to create a delicate balance between the heavy storylines and the light storylines,” explained Mer’s portrayer, Ellen Pompeo, during my visit to the Grey’s set last week. “And I think Derek and Meredith are just dealing a little bit with his hand and whether he can do surgery or not, and what does that look like? But there’s not too much drama surrounding them because, the truth is, they’re happy to be alive and be parents for their daughter. So we can play the lightness and leave the heavy stuff to other people.

Source: TV Line