Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: How Will Bailey Face The Infection-Crisis?

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April 10, 2013

mqdefaultSince we have to wait for two weeks for an all new Grey’s, I’ll try to ease your angst by offering some pick-me-up-spoilers.

It involves the surgeon on the hot seat — Dr. Miranda Bailey! WTH is up with this kickass woman? Is Shonda trying to derail our beloved Nazi life saver?

Last episode titled “She’s Killing Me”, Bailey got herself into a full-blown hospital crisis. While I’m still unsure whether her patients got the infection because of neglect, (she must have her hands full mapping the Alzheimer genes of Meredith’s.) I am looking forward to Bailey’s no holds barred medical explanation.

However, TV Guide may have hinted us to expect an episode that isn’t too serious, it could be a tad sexy too. The reason? Well..

It’s because Booty Call Bailey is very likely to resurface!

Her job will be on the line when the CDC comes to town to investigate her. But the good news is that her faithful husband Ben (Jason George) will return from Los Angeles to offer moral support. Love me some BCB!

Do you think Ben can bring back BCB in the middle of a crisis? Weigh-in below.