Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Details on Neve Campbell's Guest Appearance as Derek's Sister!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Details on Neve Campbell's Guest Appearance as Derek's Sister!

Neve Campbell is making a stop to Seattle as one of Derek's Shepherd sisters named Lizzie. Details about her visit are now revealed by Huff Post where they interviewed the cast while on the set of Grey's Anatomy.

Here are a few spoilers to learn about this week's episode titled "Love Turns You Upside Down" where Lizzie will be first introduced. This episode airs Thursday, Dec. 6th.

Meet Lizzie

Lizzie, as one of the Shepherd sisters is also a doctor, the article confirmed. She is an ob-gyn doctor but her visit will not be related to any patient-related procedures. Her main intention is to fix Derek's hand. Patrick Dempsey revealed that Meredith is responsible for her surprise visit to Seattle ---

"Yes, Meredith has brought one of my sisters to Seattle to give me her nerves to try and salvage my surgical career. He's still recovering from the plane crash ... there's a lot of drama going on."

The Procedure 

Apparently, the surgery calls for a "cadaver nerve" which in Derek's case needs to be replaced. This is where Lizzie's purpose of visit comes in. Campbell teases in her statement below:

"Derek's been having this issue with his nerves, and they realize that they need a family member's nerves to replace his. So Meredith has brought me into the fold to help my brother out."

Paging Ortho and Plastics 

The procedure was told to be handled by Callie and Jackson, Sara Ramirez who played Dr. Torres shared.
"Callie's choosing to focus her energy where she feels needed, where she feels appreciated, where she feels like she can actually help in some way, shape or form. However, it does prove to be a challenge. They were going to try to get a cadaver nerve, but that was getting harder and harder to find the right length of nerve, so they end up calling his sisters and the one that comes through is Lizzie. Neve Campbell is so sweet. So hopefully that works out, but of course, there are a lot of ups and down throughout the episode. It's not that easy."

Additionally, fans should expect Lizzie to stick around until the next episode titled "Run Baby Run". For the official photos, check them out here.