Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Derek Will Become Mer's New [SPOILER]

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Derek Will Become Mer's New [SPOILER]

Last week in Grey's Anatomy, we saw how Christina was greatly affected by the crash. She almost reached marginal insanity because she was trying to keep Sloan and Arizona safe and breathing. In order to do that, she did not sleep for four days straight and bonus, she had to drink her own urine. With that extreme level of stress, Christina just sort of transitioned into a wild lioness from the woods. She was angry and violent, and on top of that she has become more disconnected as ever.

Meredith on the other hand, ofcourse is not going to survive without a word from her half-twisted sister. Now that Christina is away and recovering, Meredith is on the look out for her 'person'. Who will it be? Here's the latest statement from actress, Ellen Pompeo:

Derek will soon replace Cristina atop Mer’s “Person” list. “It’s not very realistic that a married woman would have her best friend be her No. 1 before her husband,”

“I guess if you’re 20. But for a grown woman, your No. 1 person should be your husband — or what’s the point of getting married? Your significant other should be your significant other, so hopefully we’ll transition into that.”

Source: TV Line