Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Debbie Allen a.k.a Avery’s Mom to Direct 3rd Episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

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August 9, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is bringing in more and more news to the table each week. You name it — cast departures, new docs hired, behind-the-scenes photos, the whole shebang! This time, as the series advances, we go after the people working behind the cameras. Or should we say, both?

On a TV Guide exclusive, we learned that Jackson Avery’s mother played by Debbie Allen is indeed, excellent in multi-tasking. Not only that she spends her free-time flirting with former Chief Webber, guess what? In real-life, she also has a thing for filming!

Allen, who portrays Jackson Avery’s (Jesse Williams) mother Catherine on the ABC medical series, will be directing the third episode of the upcoming season.

The ninth season picks up two to three months after the Stranded Six Five (RIP Lexie!) were rescued after a plane crash. “You see the aftermath of what happened,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes recently told us. “You’re left with some questions as to how this happened and ‘Why is this the way it is?’ and ‘Why is that the way it is?’”

The second episode will jump back in time to answer those questions, while the Allen-directed episode will jump back to the present timeline, which will find some doctors outside of Seattle Grace with new jobs.

Source: TV Guide