Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Creator Shonda Rhimes Previews Owen and Christina’s Fate

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September 20, 2012

In Grey’s Anatomy season 9, expect Christina Yang and Owen Hunt to face an intricate stage in their relationship in the wake of the crash. Executive producer and showrunner S. Rhimes noted via TV Line that the couple who have had a long list of problems rooted from season 8, will be handling their marriage on a different scale as the series progresses this fall.

“Initially, it’s going to be very unsettling,” says Rhimes when asked about whether the couple can still have hope amidst their towering problems.

However, the creator assured fans that the two will eventually meet halfway stating that ,“And then it’s going to get fairly romantic as we watch them find their way back to one another.” But no matter how comforting this sounds, Rhimes stressed on the report that the pending reconciliation will not be a walk in the park.

“There are the aftereffects of the plane crash. There’s still his cheating. Also, he still wants a family and she still doesn’t. That is a huge obstacle for a couple. I’d like to explore what happens when two people want fundamentally different things. I didn’t want them to just walk away from each other. I felt like a lot of couples would fight to be together and figure out how to do it.” she further explained.

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 premieres on Sept.27, Thursday on ABC.

Source: TV Line