Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Can Owen and Teddy Become Friends Again?

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March 5, 2012

This has not been the best year for Seattle Grace’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Owen Hunt when it comes to relationships.

First, he loses his best friend, Dr. Teddy Altmam. Then, to top things off he and his wife, Dr. Christina Yang are in the midst of separation that, to say the least is not going so well. Refer to: “Are Owen and Christina Over?” for more details.

Well, it appears things might be turning around ever so slightly, for the Grey’s Anatomy chief of staff after all. Kim Raver revealed to TV Guide  Teddy and Owen may slowly find their way back to being friends again:

“Teddy, has currently written off her friendship with Owen, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the former best friends may reconcile. In terms of Teddy and Owen, the rift is so dramatic that maybe that walk back home hopefully will be an interesting journey, Raver says. That’s what’s interesting to me about the relationship now.”

For Owen’s sake I really hope he and Teddy are able to mend their friendship becuase he could really use a friend right about now!