Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Bailey’s Wedding — First Look Photo

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November 27, 2012

Dr. Miranda Bailey is making a huge turn on her Seattle Grace badass surgeon image on the Dec. 13th episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Her longtime hot boyfriend, Ben went the extra mile to convince the once, so-called “Nazi” to marry him. But the trip down the altar is not exactly a recipe of sweet escape. In a report from TV Guide, Dr. Bailey’s portrayer, Chandra Wilson weighed in with a statement –

“Bailey is not participating. She already had a wedding with her first husband, so she’s not excited to make the same vows in front of the same people again. Plus, she has a lot of patients in the hospital. It’s a particularly hectic time for her to get whisked off to a wedding. People might show up, but Bailey’s priorities get diverted.”

However, the big occasion will not go completely wrecked. Wilson teases that her colleagues and close family will make sure that she walks down that aisle on time.

Are you happy that Dr. Bailey is marrying Ben?