Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Bailey and Ben’s Wedding Details!

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November 14, 2012

The former terrorizing surgeon of Seattle Grace Hospital, Dr. Bailey, also known as the “Nazi” has gone soft. Actually, way too soft! Cause this season, Bailey is saying “I do”! Her colleague and now fiance Ben, are soon tying the knot in an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy. You’re definitely invited so keep reading for the wedding details!

Let’s just say getting Bailey actually down the aisle will be a miracle! “It’s almost like pulling a tugboat to get her to cooperate, but the thing is happening with or without her, and she’s got to get on board with the program at some point,” Chandra Wilson says. “Bailey can be distracted very easily, and she’s already been married and done it in what she thought was the right way and it failed, so there’s a lot of fear going into it again.” Look for her to get a kick in the butt from both Cristina and Callie.

Source: TV Guide