Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Arizona Breaks Her Silence

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October 28, 2013

JUSTIN CHAMBERS, JESSICA CAPSHAWCallie has been voicing out her fury and rage for Arizona since the season 10 opener of Grey’s Anatomy. Arizona, on the other hand, has been putting up with it because obviously, she cheated on her. And as a normal person who has sufficient knowledge about love, CHEATING gives you zero privilege.

Hence, Callie and her ‘rubbing it on everyone’s face’ that she’s hurt.

But how about Arizona? Will Shonda Rhimes (creator) give the other party a chance to reason for herself?

If you’re hoping so, well. You’re in luck.

TV Line tells us to “bide your time just a bit more.” In episode 9 titled “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”, there’s a high chance Arizona finally talks about her side and/or whatever defense-strategy she got in her pocket.

Now the question is, will it bring great impact to Callie? Share your theories below.

Episode 9 is slated to air on Thursday, Nov. 14.


  • hiway280z

    Remember she walked out on her before then came back. This is the second time she has done wrong to her.

  • Dani

    Arizona is and has always been extremely annoying, i dont even get why she is still on the show, they need to pull an Izzie and write her off , she wont be missed

  • AnnoyedwithAZ

    Agreed! Her side should sound like ” I’m selfish and incapable of focusing on the good but like to be a brat and only think of ME and MY pain”