Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: April Kepner Hookup News Plus, Updates on the "Massive" Finale!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: April Kepner Hookup News Plus, Updates on the "Massive" Finale!

Grey's Anatomy season 8 is just a few episodes away to the "intense" finale. We hear that there will be an unexpected death to shock us, April Kepner will hook-up with a fellow fifth year, and another resident's career will be put on the line.

Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew who plays April Kepner tells E! Online about her "bold" move and dishes more on the eight season dramatic finale.

Holy hot hookup, Batman! If you've been living under a rock you might have missed that a steaming hookup between April and Jackson (Jesse Williams) is imminent. So what pushed these friends towards the bedroom? "April goes through some pretty dramatic things, starting with being completely stressed out about failing," Drew explains. "I think she is just jumping out of her skin." And apparently out of her clothes, but does this mean April loses her V-card to Jackson? "They definitely hookup but I can't tell you if he loses her virginity or not."

We all know April isn't the most laid-back of characters but Drew puts it more bluntly: "She's a basket case. She's on a totally emotional rollercoaster knowing that one out of five people fail the exam." But this stress might actually lead to some good changes for April. "We really get to see a pretty cool transformation in her that I think that some people with love and some people are not going to love," says Drew. Maybe April does have reason to worry about passing the board exams: "Yes, there is one person who does fail. And that creates a lot of drama amongst all the residents." What is Grey's Anatomy without drama?

Speaking of crazy drama, it's season finale time and creator Shonda Rhimes know how to bring the tears out like flood waters. This year will be no exception. "We know somebody dies. It's really really intense. Everyone bawled their way through the table read for the finale," Drew dishes. "It's huge, it's big, it's sad, and it's intense. And it's left really unsettled. Everything is up in the air at the end of the finale." Sounds like a shocking Grey's cliffhanger if we've ever heard one.

Source: E! Online