Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Another Disaster To Hit Grey Sloan Memorial!


Don't worry it's not an earthquake. Regardless of the tragedy anyway, are we still surprised about this? I mean I'm all for Shonda-Rhimes-themed drama but the time table for this series has become fairly predictable, to be honest. Grey's Anatomy season 9 have aired 20 episodes so far and we're only four episodes away until the finale. Basically this looming disaster is just like Math probability. But what do I know, maybe there's some sort of silver lining coming underway with it. 

Anyhow like I said, if it's drama topped with earth-shattering, cathartic lines I'll be happy to be on board.

Without further ado, here's what I've learned from zap2it:

Surprise... disaster is about to strike Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Again. This time, a power outage puts everyone in a terrible position -- but none so precarious as the babies in the NICU. The doctors, outnumbered by the babies who need to be ventilated, have no choice but to teach the new parents to breathe for their newborns.

So what do you think Grey's people? Shonda just plotted a mini series involving newborn babies that are badly in need of oxygen.. What?

Carry on and send your thoughts, applause, and objections below!

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