Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Adele Webber Faces Demise in January 2013

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November 27, 2012

As earlier teased by TV Line, a beloved character in Grey’s Anatomy is saying her last farewells by January of next year. To confirm that, TV Guide broke the sad news that indeed, a beloved character in the form of Adele Webber is kicking the bucket.

We’ve all known Adele from the first season where she played the martyr, desperate housewife of Richard. Richard’s on and off affair with Ellis Grey gave a huge platform for Adele’s potrayer, Loretta Devine who recently just won an Emmy’s for her sympathizing role. Nine seasons later, Adele is now battling the fatal disease of Alzheimer’s which also took the life of Ellis Grey.

“The whole time we were doing it, I kept saying, ‘Just shoot me!’” It was so painful.”

– Loretta Devine tells TV Guide.

Fans can see the last of Adele in two more episodes which are set to air in December and January.

Are you sad to see Adele leave Grey’s?