Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Actress Sarah Drew Speaks Up About April’s Future

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September 25, 2012

When Grey’s Anatomy kicks off its season 9 premiere, April Kepner is set to experience a new road that involves romance and love. As we all know, Kepner didn’t exactly avow the fact that she was a mushy-mushy kind of woman in the past. But since her ‘first’ steamy hook-up with Jackson, she realized that she was more than just a girl who grew up on a farm.

Wetpaint got an exclusive chat with Sarah Drews, the star who plays the one and only April Kepner. On the interview, she spills about her character’s fate:

What can we expect from April this season?

  • More of the crazy spaziness that we all love. However it’s really fun, she’s sort of blossoming. Almost a coming of age like beginning to kind of really live in her own skin and figure out what she likes and who she is. She revealed that she has this faith but she was hiding it forever and she’s not hiding it anymore so there’s that. There’s the whole Jackson situation.

I was going there next!

  • Yes, she’s trying to figure it all out, she’s trying to figure it all out but I think they’re doing it, they’re handling it in a really beautiful, interesting way. There’s like lots of drama and confusion but it’s charming and sweet at the same time so it’s fun, it’s been really fun so far.

Source: Wetpaint