Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: A “Difficult” Reunion for Alex and His Dad

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September 18, 2013

5-11-Wish-you-Were-Here-alex-karev-3752983-624-352The upcoming tenth season of Grey’s Anatomy will introduce us to the estranged father of Alex Karev.

Although Alex has mentioned a series of not-so-positive things about him in the past seasons, it would still be a different experience to see the person in flesh.

Remember Meredith’s dad Thatcher? In a matter of time, we get to see Alex in Mer’s shoes! Wouldn’t that be interesting?

As we already know, Dexter actor James Ramar landed the role. And after months of keeping his role as a secret, the actor has finally spilled the beans on his upcoming guest spot on the medical drama.

Here’s how he described Alex’s dad on his recent chat with TV Guide:

“He’s not a guy who’s been living a very wholesome life. He’s a drug addict and really on the skids. Their reunion is charged and difficult.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns Thursday, Sept. 26 on ABC.