4 Sneak Peeks: Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Episode 19 “It’s a Long Way Back”

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April 21, 2011

Here’s the first sneak peek video into Grey’s Anatomy season 7 episode 19, “It’s a Long Way Back”. Make sure you check the link below for promo and other spoilers that we’ve already posted.

Update – Three more videos added

  • Jsoepph

    This episode is a musical event where there are many twists and turns the main thing is that Callie and Arizona get into a car accident. Addison Dereks x- to help with the baby.wife is called watch the latest and full episode of Grey’s Anatomy – Song Beneath the Song Season 7 Episode 18 >> here @ http://rjtbarona.co.cc

  • Television Week

    Hopefully, these two faggot actresses will be killed in a car accident before this crap airs.

  • howrude

    wow you are charming. It’s nice that people like yourself are so educated that you find it necessary to make such rude comments that are clearly homophobic and stereotypical. charming, a fine example of humanity 2011.

  • Ratatattat

    how nasty are you. this is a good show and never heard of equality mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • howrude

    A comment such as that is not just rude but ignorant. Don’t watch the show if you don’t like two of the main characters ignoramus!

  • http://www.spoilersguide.com/ Matej

    As few people already replied to Television Week’s comment I won’t edit it but please do not respond to that commentary anymore. Discussion leads to nothing ( and you’ll save me some moderation time :) )

  • Mmn779

    I think it’s great that they tried something different and I enjoyed the singing, but I’m ready to get back to watching Grey’s Anatomy the way it’s always been. Cannot wait to watch next week’s episode!