Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 17 “Transplant Wasteland” & 18 “Idle Hands” Spoilers

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February 22, 2013

Below you can find some minor spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 17 airing on March 14th; episode 18 airing on March 21st.. Stay tuned for the official synopsis!

  • Episode 17 will be called “Transplant Wasteland”.
  • Discord and chaos created by new management causes one doctor to question his future at Seattle Grace
  • The doctors and interns juggle multiple transplant surgeries simultaneously.

  • Episode 18 will be called “Idle Hands”.
  • Babar Suhail

    The least you could do is list the SpoilerTV as the source for this.

  • Matej

    Of course we would and we do, but in this case that spoiler does not come from that website.

  • Babar Suhail

    SpoilerTV was the first to release these details, so where did you guys take the spoiler from?

  • Matej

    Babar, that is not your concern and you cannot ask what our source is. We would credit if we took the info directly from there, but we didn’t. You are basically saying that we have to credit some site for the same info we also have just because they posted it hour earlier. We don’t sit in front our computers 24/7 to immediately post all spoilers we come upon.