Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Episode 24 “Flight” First 7 Minutes

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May 16, 2012

ABC has released the first seven minutes of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, season 8 episode 24 “Flight”. Enjoy!

  • Mashii90

    That was NOT 7 minutes !
    It was more like 6 :S 

  • Erika Swan

    why does grey’s always have to end with a tragedy like this? Meredith drowning, O’ Maley getting hit by the bus, the shooting and now this. Why can’t there be a normal happy ending or sort of?

  • Bueanavida_12

    Really???? they’re killing Lexie!!!! it is really not fair..!!!!!!God!!!! So disappointed..!!

  • Schreitel_carina

    I’ve seen the last episode now. It’s Lexie …