Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: TV Guide Spoilers!

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: TV Guide Spoilers!

I love spoilers, don't you? And as far as spoilers go, these are among the better ones of the rest! Check them out!

Deets on the season premiere...

  • Includes flashback scenes to post-trauma therapy sessions
  • Includes a 2 month time jump
  • Derek steps down as chief, claiming that he was never happy as chief and gives Dr. Webber back his hospital
  • Derek still doesn't know about Meredith's miscarriage

Relationship spoilers...

  • Teddy casts her eyes on the trauma counselor -- they kiss during the first episode!
  • One couple will get engaged and married during the season premiere -- expect one or two of the betrothed's parents to be there! Who could it be?
    • Callie & Arizona: Callie's been married before and Arizona may have a problem with something that "ironclad"
    • Alex & Lexie: Alex keeps his "near fatal bullet inside his chest 'to show off to the girls like a third nipple'" while Lexie's suffering through a breakdown.. however Chambers thinks that Alex would marry Lexie if he 'knocked her up'"
    • Owen & Cristina: McKidd says that since the two will "take it to the next level... the wedding could be easily them." But since Cristina's dealing with the fallout from the shooting, it might put a damper on the festivities.

Source: TV Guide