Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: New Watch with Kristin Spoilers!

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August 10, 2010

We’ve got new spoilers for you guys on the 7th season courtesy of Watch with Kristin! Check them out and see what drama will be coming up for our favorite Seattle Grace doctors come September!

Kelly in Boise, Idaho: I’m a diehard Everwood fan and so happy Sarah Drew will be back on Grey’s this season. She will….Right?!
Yes, she will! She’s been promoted to series regular, actually. I just interviewed Sarah at her house today (that interview will run closer to Grey’s premiere in September on E! News and E! Online). And I can tell you that not only is Sarah one of the most instantly likable people you could ever meet (pinky swear), she vows that her character April will be less hateful this year. “This season is all about the redemption of April!” Sarah promises. “Her McDreamy crush is completely over and what happened with the shooting will change, her I think.” Speaking of, she’s also already spent some quality time with McTreemy (James Tupper of Men in Trees) and says he’s fab, “the fans will love him,” and also “he’s not hard to look at.” Who knew?!

Monica in Santa Barbara: Will Sarah Rue be back on Glee? Please say yes!
Apparently Brad Falchuk said yes, and that’s even better, since he’s one of the show’s bosses! Sarah tells me that Brad assured her that her character Suzy Pepper would be back to offer some “sage advice” in the new season of Glee. When I verbally smacked her down for stealing all the jobs on shows with hot dudes, Sarah told me flatly, “I don’t care!” Love. That. Girl.

Britney in New Orleans, La.: I’m excited for Grey’s Anatomy to come back, especially after that crazy finale! Do you have any idea what’s coming up for my new favorite regular, Jesse Williams?
Rejoice in the hotness that is Jesse becoming a full timer at Seattle Grace! (And the guy Sarah calls “McPretty.”) As for his character’s romantic life, he tells us that while he isn’t exactly sure what lies ahead for him, he is “sure something will come up soon out of a shared experience we’ve all had.” The shared experience he speaks of is of course the shooting, the crying, and all the whatnot and what have you from last season’s finale. “People are more willing to expressing their feelings and they feel like that clock is ticking and time is precious, and it’s time to be honest with each other,” he says. Well said, sir.