Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Chandra Wilson Interview!

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Chandra Wilson Interview!

After that AMAZING game-changing Grey's Season 6 Finale, Chandra Wilson, the talented actress who plays, talks about how things will change for our beloved Bailey next season! Check out these spoilers and see what you guys think!

On how Bailey will change next season...

Bailey has been through a lot and she even managed to keep her cool and her distance after one of her interns died. But Wilson thinks Bailey may not be able to get rid of the image of "the barrel of the gun was in her face." She also notes that it will be "interesting to see if that kind of fear still lives with her or comes back to revisit."

On who was originally planned to be shot during the finale...

BAILEY was supposed to get shot during the finale! Thankfully, showrunner Shonda Rhimes couldn't go through with it -- whew!

On what will become of Bailey's love life now that her current love interest, Jason George, is joining Rhimes's new show Off the Map...

Wilson didn't have any definitive answers on whether the two will be able to make it work but points out since the new show, Off the Map, "is a midseason show, so there will be [some time] for him to [work on Grey's]."

Source: Ausiello Files