Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Think we’ll see anymore of little Sloane?

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September 1, 2010

Last season ended without any word on whether Little Sloane would be around come Grey’s Anatomy season 7 premiere this September 23. Well we’ve got the answer straight from the actress herself on whether her character will be back this season!

Gina in Australia: Is Leven Rambin (Sloane) coming back to Grey’s Anatomy?
We chatted up Leven at the Kari Feinstein Gift Lounge this weekend and though she said her “lips were zipped,” her eyes at the HBO Emmy party (OK, fine, I was talking to her!) sure said yes. When asked which Grey’s guy she’d love to hook up with, she told me: “Is it weird to say my dad? ‘Cause I do love Eric Dane.” Then she laughed. “Yeah, yeah, that is weird. Let’s go with Alex. That would be a good fit!” She’s also happy her character didn’t show up in the latest shoot-out season finale. “Sloane probably would have just used someone as a human shield.”

Source: Watch with Kristin