Uh-oh.. could Lexie not be feeling Mer’s sisterly love?

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September 28, 2010

In the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we saw Lexie go through a breakdown so we know she’s not totally herself right now. The question is: is Meredith there for her like she is for the others? Well check out these spoilers on what’s coming up for our resident half-sisters on Grey’s Anatomy!

How about some scoop on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith?
This is the week Mer tells Derek that she had a miscarriage. But also on the horizon are some powerhouse scenes on the sisterly front. As the aftermath of the shooting continues to play out and “Meredith begins mothering everybody, Lexie is like, ‘Hey, what about me? I don’t understand where you’ve been for me in this,’” Chyler Leigh previews. That leads to “several really great scenes between the two of us, where we really define what our relationship is.”

Source: Fancast