Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Episode 6 “These Arms of Mine”: Twists and plot deets!

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October 28, 2010

We’ve read all sorts of spoilers on how tomorrow’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is going to be different but check out  these spoilers straight from the Grey’s Anatomy showrunner herself, Ms. Shonda Rhimes!

  • Get ready to see a “behind-the-scenes” look inside the lives of our favorite Grey’s Anatomy gang
  • Alex will figure out that “pediatrics is his thing”
  • Mandy Moore reprises her character as Mary or as Rhimes calls her “one of the Seattle Grace 13″
  • Through the confessionals, we’ll see how unhinged Cristina has become
  • But never fear, according to Rhimes, although Cristina has “a long journey before her,” when she “gets a little better, she comes roaring back.”
  • Callie and Arizona will make a decision that will lead them “into a new chapter” of their relationship

Source: Ausiello Files