Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Episode 6 “These Arms of Mine”: Cristina confronts her PTSD

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October 18, 2010

We’ve posted some spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy’s sixth episode.. but we’ve got some spoilers that’ll help you guys get a better idea of what’s coming on Oct 28′s episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

Mimi: Any good Grey’s Anatomy scoop?
The Oct. 28 ep of Grey’s Anatomy, “These Arms of Mine,” is the documentary ep we told you about, it’s awesome, and it seems to wrap up most of the postshooting storylines we’ve been following throughout this fall. The talking-head scenes where Mer and Cristina are interviewed are particularly powerful as Cristina finally confronts what happened to her head-on. Oh, and Mandy Moore is back as adorable Mary, and we’ll find out how the show plans to handle Jessica Capshaw‘s maternity leave. This is a must-see ep for all you Callizona fans! And how’s this for cuckoo puffs fun? Felicity‘s Amanda Foreman, who very memorably played psycho babynapper Katie Kent on Private Practice, pops into this episode as as a regular ole guest star with no apparent ties to her P.P. character.