Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Cristina and Jackson?!

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June 10, 2010

On the coattails of the confirmation that Jesse Williams’s Jackson Avery will be back next season as a series regular, questions of whether or not there is a romantic future for Dr. Avery and Dr. Yang… well check out these spoilers from Ausiello for an answer to that question!

Question: That’s great news about Jesse Williams becoming a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s hope Shonda does the right thing and pairs him with Sandra Oh. I love me some Jackson and Cristina. —Marsha
Unfortunately, Williams’ gut is telling him Jastina is not in the cards next season. “My hunch is that if I were to get a love interest, it would be someone new,” he says. “I feel like everyone has been with everyone and most people seem secure in their relationships for now. But I really like working with Sandra, so it would be fine by me… But full disclosure, I know nothing. The writers and Shonda have disclosed nothing to me about season 7. But I’m excited for him to make more fully developed relationships with the other [characters]. I want to get myself more embedded and do more doctor work. People always ask about the romance stuff, but I find the hospital business and the surgeries way more fascinating.”

Source: Ausiello Files