Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Ask Ausiello Spoilers!

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August 13, 2010

Since the season premiere is right around the corner, more spoilers have been released and become available to us spoiler-addicts! Check out these spoilers courtesy of Ausiello on Derek’s speed addiction and on Calzona’s newly re-established relationship!

Question: Your Grey’s Anatomy spoiler in last week’s AA freaked me out. Derek goes to jail?! Why?! I’m an earthquake survivor, have some compassion. —Fefy
If I had a dime for every time an AA reader played the earthquake card I’d have a, er, dime. Props for the originality. Here’s your answer: Derek gets arrested for being a speed addict. “He’s doing a lot of speeding—in a car, not with drugs,” explains Grey’s EP Shonda Rhimes. “He’s on an exuberant high, that adrenaline rush that one gets after facing death and surviving. It’s something we hadn’t explored before—the idea that when something bad happens you go to a place of ‘Now I can do anything.’ Meredith, however, sees his behavior as dangerous.” That’s one of two ticking time bombs hanging over the world’s first married-via-Post-it-note couple this season. And the other? Two months have passed since Derek’s near-death experience, and Mer has yet to tell him about the pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Yikes!

Question: Any scoop on Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? Is the baby drama over and done with? —Jen
The baby drama is over, but that doesn’t mean the stork will pay them a visit this fall. Explains Rhimes: “Will there be a baby right away? No. Will Callie’s turnaround [about having children] stick? Yes.”

Source: Ask Ausiello