Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Grey's without Meredith Grey?!

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Grey's without Meredith Grey?!

News that Ellen Pompeo's contract is almost up (2 more years) causes fans to wonder: when she leaves, does the show go with her? Well Shonda Rhimes has an answer to that burning question and a few more deets on the long-standing series!

On moving on with Little Grey...

Rhimes says that while it is a possibility to move on without Meredith Grey and have Lexie "Little" Grey be the center of the show, it's not what the showrunner has in mind. To her, "the show is very tied up in [the relationship between] Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang [Sandra Oh]. If I can convince the originals we have left to stay forever, I will get down on my knees to do so."

On what's coming up for Meredith and McDreamy...

Rhimes wants them to move on as a married couple and build a home... and perhaps fill it with little Greys and little Mcdreamys! She says that the question of whether or not these two will have kids will be addressed in the May 20th finale.

On what's coming up for Lexie "Little" Grey...

Two doctors, Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. Alex Karev, could be Little Grey's very own Little McDreamy. Rhimes mentions that Jesse Williams (who plays Dr. Jackson Avery) and Chyler Leigh "get along like gangbusters" but Justin Chambers (who plays Dr. Alex Karev) would want the position as Little McDreamy as bad as Williams does.

Source: TV Guide Magazine