Private Practice Season 4 Crossover To Grey's Anatomy's Musical Event

Private Practice Season 4 Crossover To Grey's Anatomy's Musical Event

We're all heard the news about Addison (Kate Walsh) crossing over to Grey's Anatomy for the musical event. But we haven't exactly been told what she's going to do there. Keep reading to find out who's baby she'll be saving in this week's Grey's episode airing at 9/8c on ABC!

Here's why Addison is visiting Seattle Grace Hospital. Callie (Sara Ramirez) is pregnant and has been in a car accident. Now we don't know the extent of the accident but considering they're asking Addison to go to Seattle Grace Hospital, we can all imagine that it's pretty serious!

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with Grey's, you'll need to know that Dr. Lucy Fields (Rachael Taylor) is Callie's obstetrician and is given the task of keeping Callie's baby alive. Not everything will go according to plan. When Taylor was asked how her character will deal with such a huge task, she said:

"Lucy is obviously young to be in the position that she is. She's probably come from a world of academia and doesn't have a lot of hands-on emergency room experience. That kind of deficit in her training is revealed in this episode."

Here's when Addison comes into play. She's rushed to Seattle to help save the baby.

"She's one of Lucy's heroes. She's the person that, when Lucy was training, she wanted to be like her. But obviously, Addison is frustrated that Lucy hasn't taken some of the necessary precautions."

explains Taylor about Addison.

Who will be watching Addison save Callie's baby on Grey's Anatomy? Do you think Addison will find out that it's Mark's baby?

Make sure you tune in at 9/8c on ABC for the Grey's Anatomy music event, followed by Private Practice at 10/9c!

Source: TVGuide